Whether you’re a consumer or a seller, a major part of buying and selling online is shipping rates.

According to Wikipedia, the typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60% and 80%, with an average of 67.91%

A huge percentage of these lost sales can easily be attributed to the cost of shipping, how many times have you decided against an online purchase once the cost of shipping comes up?

As a seller, you have to rely on flat rate shipping or your best guess at the cost, each comes with the risk that you’re either not charging enough, resulting in lost profits.  Or you’re charging your customers too much, resulting in cart abandonment and a painful experience.

With the ability to now add real time shipping rates to your online store, you now put the decision making into the hands of the buyer, increasing your conversion rate, decreasing cart abandonment, increasing your sales, and ultimately creating happier customers.

How Do Real Time Shipping Rates Work?

PaidShipping works with the top national couriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and more to access shipping rates in real time based on key information such as package size, weight and destination.

As a seller, you have the ability to key in your standard package size/weight or to customize each product in your shop with actual package specifications.

For the buyer, once they add a product to their cart and check out, the system recognizes the parameters and immediately pulls up the best shipping options by carrier, sortable by cheapest and fastest.  The decision making process is handed to the buyer who can decide how fast they want the package and how much they want to spend on shipping, or they can choose their preferred shipper.

This is a huge benefit to both buyers and sellers as it takes out all of the guesswork on the sellers end and gives the decision making to the buyer.

How Does PaidShipping Make Real Time Shipping Rates Easy to Activate?

PaidShipping’s e-Commerce solution allows you to connect to any of the major e-Commerce platforms and shopping carts such as Shopify, Opencart, WooCommerce and Magento.  You can quickly and easily integrate our realtime shipping into your store through the PaidShipping application – all at no cost.

Each e-Commerce platform has a short video with instructions, you can have your real time shipping set up and running within minutes.

In addition to all of this, you are able to take advantage of the discounted shipping rates through your partnership with PaidShipping!

How Easy Is It To Ship With PaidShipping?

No matter what platform you are using, from e-Commerce platforms or through the PaidShipping app, shipping with us is done in 4 quick and easy steps.

1 – Describe Your Shipment

2 – Compare and Select Your Rates

3 – Select a Pick Up or Drop Off

4 – Print and Attach Your Label

To learn more about PaidShipping, Real Time Rates and how we can save you time and money, visit our website at paid.com