We provide innovative shipping solutions that save time and money for small businesses throughout North America

Our Mission

At Paid, our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses manage their operations by providing a seamless, integrated suite of services that streamlines every facet of online commerce. We strive to remove the barriers of complexity, high costs, and inefficiency, making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to access premium services once reserved for the largest corporations. Our dedication to innovation, customer support, and reliability forms the cornerstone of a partnership that grows with you. With Paid, we don't just offer services—we deliver peace of mind, growth, and success.

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Corporate Profile

PAID Inc. was founded in 1999 focusing on web-development and online auctions. These two initiatives helped grow PAID into a premier brand-related company with clients including Aerosmith, DOWN, The Moody Blues, Weird Al and others.

A key aspect to our success with our clients’ online presence is our unique and innovative shipping calculator. We created AuctionInc, a proprietary suite of online tools that provides accurate shipping and tax calculations as well as packaging algorithms — so our customers get the best possible shipping and tax management solutions.

In December 2016, PAID Inc. and emergeIT merged into a combined company known as ShipTime. The PAID brand is expanding its powerful suite of services to a unified platform including digital payments and eCommerce shopping carts. ShipTime’s clients benefit from our unique approach to the eCommerce and shipping industries as well as our strong relationships with carriers globally. We continue growing our product line-up and developing our technology in order to provide full-service shopping carts with advanced shipping solutions.

Meet our Leadership Team

At Paid, we share a common vision of our future. Since our beginning in 2008, we have developed a culture based on integrity and core values. Our culture empowers our team to continuously question everything, especially our processes and our results. We ask the question “Is it the right thing to Do?”… for our customers, team members, community and shareholders. We believe it’s possible to satisfy all stakeholders, but only when we function as a team and when we are never satisfied with the status quo.

Our success depends on finding and keeping talent and empowering them with the tools to “Thrive & Strive.” This approach has been responsible for all of our greatest success stories, like our Heroic Support Team. When our team and our customers succeed, our business continues to grow and expand.

Our growth provides the return our shareholders expect and deserve and allows us the ability to give back to the communities where we live.

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