Payments, Amplified

Accept every form of payment—from online to in-person, phone to fax—across borders with support for USD, CAD, EUR, and more. All at competitive rates as low as 2.4%. Simplify transactions, expand your reach, and enjoy the ease of universal payment solutions tailored for your business’s success.

Online Payments

Professional Invoices Made Easy

Smart invoicing transforms billing from a chore into a charm where creating and sending professional invoices is as easy as a few clicks.

  • Send invoices effortlessly for multiple products and services, complete with due dates, service fees, and taxes
  • Track customer engagement with instant alerts, knowing when they’re viewed and paid
  • Get Paid. Faster. Automated overdue invoice reminders when payment is due. Recurring invoicing for repeat customers.

One-Click Checkouts Links

Generate a sharable One-Click Checkout Link, offering your customers a hassle-free payment experience directly from your website, social media, or via text.

  • Create professional checkout experiences for single products without the need for repetitive invoicing
  • Share unique checkout links easily via text, on your website, or across social channels
  • Customize your checkout with the ability to request phone number, address, or allow customers to change quantity

Charge Subscriptions

Build a reliable revenue stream with Subscriptions, perfect for businesses seeking to offer and manage recurring services.

  • Set up invoices to be automatically sent at regular intervals, streamlining your billing cycle and minimizing manual effort
  • Eliminate delays in payments by automatically charging stored cards at specified frequencies, ensuring consistent cash flow
  • Cater to a variety of customer needs with customizable subscription plans, offering different pricing tiers and billing cycles

Virtual Terminal

Legacy customers still want to pay over the phone, by fax, or by mail? No problem. Process cards remotely on your computer.

  • Accept payments anytime, anywhere. Simply key in card payments in your browser. No need to send invoices, or use special equipment
  • Perfect for businesses that handle orders over the phone or via mail, ensuring secure and reliable payment processing
  • Designed for ease of use, making payment processing simple and efficient

In Person Payments

Point of Sale - Accept in-person payments

Designed for the demands of modern retail, accept any form of payment, anywhere. Tailored for both fixed and on-the-go sales environments, our POS ensures your transactions are fast, secure, and customer-friendly.

  • Accept all forms of payment – swipe, chip cards, and contactless payments, including Apple Pay & Google Pay, ensuring you never miss a sale
  • Create multiple locations to manage and categorize sales
  • Accept all major card types including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Interac Debit and more

Card Readers & Devices

A modern business needs modern Card Readers. Step into the future of payment processing and choose from a 5″ touchscreen reader, bluetooth reader for on the go, or use your iOS or Android device.

  • Choose from handheld Bluetooth readers for mobility or stationary smart readers for fixed setups, unique to your business environment
  • Each device is equipped to handle all types of card payments, ensuring a smooth customer experience
  • Tracking and updating your payment devices is straightforward, keeping your business always sale-ready.

Payments on the go + Tap to Pay on iPhone

With our iOS and Android app, embrace the flexibility of mobile payments with our comprehensive solutions, including Tap to Pay on iPhone, ensuring you never miss a sale.

  • Utilize our handheld Bluetooth readers to make transactions anywhere
  • No Reader? No Problem: Tap to Pay on iPhone allows you take payments directly on device without any additional hardware
  • Perfect for on-the-go businesses like food trucks and pop-up shops

Financial Services

Accept every form of payment from online payments, in-person or phone. Accept eCommerce payments online with Paid payment processing.

Paid Bank Account Coming Soon

Unlock the potential of modern banking with a Paid Bank Account, where managing your business finances is as intuitive as navigating your favorite app. It’s time to say goodbye to the complexity of traditional banking and hello to a streamlined, digital-first approach.

Paid Card Coming Soon

Gain more control over business spending with Paid Cards, offering both virtual and physical Visa cards for comprehensive financial management. Empower your team with the tools they need to make smart spending decisions on behalf of your business.

Paid Capital Coming Soon

Fuel your business’s growth ambitions with Paid Capital, providing the financial flexibility to seize opportunities as they arise. Designed for the modern entrepreneur, this service offers a more flexible and faster alternative to traditional loans.