At Paid, our mission is to boost the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your shipping operations. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil ShipAudit – a revolutionary service created in collaboration with ShipAudit is designed to prevent overpayments resulting from carrier errors, ensuring your shipping costs are always in check.

What Problem Does ShipAudit Solve?

In logistics, minor errors can lead to significant financial losses. These can include service failures, overcharges, and billing discrepancies, with more than 50 instances eligible for refunds. ShipAudit addresses these costly issues by deploying an advanced auditing system that meticulously examines every shipment, ensuring you are not paying more than necessary

How Does ShipAudit Work?
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1. Opting-In and Automation

ShipAudit seamlessly works with your existing PaidShipping BYOR (Bring Your Own Rate) courier accounts. BYOR allows businesses to use their own negotiated rates directly within the Paid platform, without additional fees for adding your own account.

Once enabled, ShipAudit automatically scans every transaction and shipment detail using sophisticated algorithms to identify potential discrepancies. This includes checking for late deliveries, duplicate charges, unauthorized fees, and errors in dimensional weight calculations.

2. Claim Submission and Resolution

If a discrepancy is detected, ShipAudit automatically files a claim with the respective courier on your behalf. This process is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention from your team, allowing you to stay focused on core business activities.

3. Direct Refunds and Transparent Cost Structure

Successful claims result in refunds that are directly credited to your next invoice from the courier. ShipAudit operates on a simple and transparent cost structure: you keep 60% of the refunded amount, while 40% covers the auditing service. There are no hidden fees, no monthly subscriptions, and no commitments. You only benefit from the savings reclaimed on your behalf.

Comprehensive Coverage with All Supported Couriers

ShipAudit supports most couriers available through the Paid platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage regardless of which service you use. 

Special Features for BYOR Accounts

As a BYOR (Bring Your Own Rate) customer with Paid, you benefit significantly from the ShipAudit service. BYOR accounts are designed for customers who prefer to use their own negotiated carrier rates directly within our platform, enabling a seamless and integrated shipping solution.

Key Benefits of BYOR Accounts with ShipAudit:

No Setup Fees: Easily integrate your own negotiated rates with Paid without any additional costs, making the transition smooth and cost-effective.

No Monthly Commitments: ShipAudit requires no recurring fees, allowing you to use the service on a purely conditional basis—pay only when you save.

Maximized Savings: You retain 60% of any refunds obtained through ShipAudit claims, with 40% going towards the service. This ensures that our goals are aligned with your financial benefits.

Benefits of Using BYOR Accounts on the Paid Platform:

– Branded Tracking Pages: Continue to enhance your customer experience by using branded tracking pages. This feature allows you to maintain brand consistency and keep customers engaged by showcasing your logo, website, and social media URLs.

– eCommerce Integration: BYOR accounts seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and BigCommerce. This integration facilitates efficient management of shipments directly from your online store.

– Ship Insurance: Opt for added security with Ship Insurance, providing coverage against lost or damaged items and ensuring peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

ShipAudit represents a significant step forward in logistics management, particularly for BYOR accounts that manage extensive shipping operations. By automating the auditing process, ShipAudit not only saves you money but also instills confidence that your shipments are handled with the utmost financial efficiency.

Enhance your shipping operations and financial oversight with ShipAudit. Visit our website or contact our customer support to learn more about how this service can transform your logistics strategy.