Many shipping companies, understanding the value of shipping insurance, make a point to tell their shippers and package handlers to treat every package like they are handling Grandma’s cookies. Handle the packages with care, place & stack gently, and always assume that whatever is inside is breakable. However, despite these precautions, 21% of oversized online purchases arrive damaged. We all hope that the shippers will handle packages with care, but sometimes accidents happen. This unpredictability, combined with the alarming rate of damage (especially for oversized items), underscores why insured shipping is so crucial. Shipping insurance protects your package contents and covers your goods for loss or damage. Without adequate insurance for shipping, all packages are handled, stored, and carried at the shippers, owner’s, and consignee’s risk.


How Is Shipping Insurance Calculated?

PaidShipping is known for having one of the best shipping insurance plans in the market. With our shipping insurance, when insurance is requested – we cover the first $100 of the package value for free. If your item is worth $100 or less and arrives damaged, our shipping insurance will reimburse you the value of the item, up to $100. This is done through our streamlined and simplified online claims process; more on this below.

For any shipments valued over $100, insurance for shipping starts at a small fee of $2.50. From there, we use a calculation to determine fees on a sliding scale. To simplify, you’re looking at about $1.50 insurance per $100 of package value with our shipping insurance plan.If you shipped and filed a claim directly with the shipping company, you would be paying substantially more for your shipping insurance, and the claims process would be much longer.


What Happens if My Shipment is Damaged?

Not only does PaidShipping offer one of the best shipping insurance plans in the industry, but we also boast one of the fastest, easiest, and most streamlined claims processes. If your package, covered by our shipping insurance, arrives damaged, the entire claims process is done online, from claim submission to payment.

What makes the PaidShipping claims process so simple? For starters, it’s a very straightforward online form.


How Do I Make an Insurance Claim?

Our shipping insurance claims process could probably not be any easier!

In your shipping dashboard, you will see a “Make a Claim” button. From there, you answer a few questions, and your shipping insurance claim is submitted.

You’ll notice that all of your information has already been filled out, meaning less work for you! Simply scan the information to ensure it’s correct, fill in any missing details or provide required information about your shipping insurance claim, and submit.

If our claims team has any questions, they’ll reach out to you. Otherwise, the process will commence immediately, and you’ll be updated on the progress.

Some things to consider when evaluating shipping insurance and choosing your shipping provider:

  1. Carriers’ Shipping Insurance Costs
  2. PaidShipping’s Shipping Insurance Claims Process
    • PaidShipping’s shipping insurance claims are all done online.
    • Our claims, on average, take about 3 weeks to resolve.
    • Your payments can be made via PayPal, e-transfer, or check: your choice.

PaidShipping has gone to great lengths to ensure a better than industry standard shipping insurance and claims system.  Put your trust in our insurance so that you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, you, your package and the recipient will be taken care of!